Infographic: The Cost of Education

This is an advertisement for an online college…but I thought it was interesting. Again, the least likely people to find a job are those who studied Clinical Psychology.

I’d like to discuss a few points brought up in this info graphic. Firstly, I suspect that there are more bartenders and waitresses than engineers, physicists, chemists and mathematicians because we’re not graduating enough people in those fields – not because there’s a lack of jobs for technically skilled people.

And then the last line – “It’s a tough world out there.You might as well stay at home” – Yeah…it’s a tough world alright. So, choose your career path wisely, gain marketable skills either through school (and not necessarily an online school…) or work and stay out of debt. You’ll be way ahead of most and I even bet you’d be able move out of your parents home.

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