For the Love of the Maslins

I want to apologize for not writing in over a month. I’ve been overseeing a massive website redesign project at work. Between that and the twins, I’ve hardly drifted to the surface of life outside my insular bubble.

But, life has a funny way of reminding you to stay in the moment and be grateful for all that you have.

An old gradschool classmate, Abby Sullivan Maslin, a Dance Movement Therapist who is now working as a teacher in Washington D.C. experienced the unthinkable. About 2 weeks ago her husband was brutally attacked while walking home after a boys night out in his D.C neighborhood in Capital Hill. He wasn’t found for 8 hours and sustained major brain and bodily injouries that were exasterbated by the time that passed between the beating and the arrival of an emergency response team. Abby is struggling to cope, as she also tries to care for her young son Jack, who is just shy of 2 years old.

With no witnesses, Abby reached out to the media in a attempt to find somehow who may have knowledge of what happened that night.

As she processes all that has happened, Abby has been posting updates on her Facebook page, but recently just started a blog, which I want to share with you: For the Love of the Maslins. Your support and prayers are needed. Friends started a fundraising website so that money will hopefully not be a concern as this family struggles to survive.

Your help is much appreciated.

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