Art Seeking: Using Works of Art by Other Artists as Therapy

Jeremy Siegel, MD explains Art Seeking on his blog and it’s relationship to art therapy. Here’s a snipet of his recent post More Art Seeking Q & A:

Q. How is this different from the branch of psychotherapy known as art therapy?

A. Art seeking is distinctly different from art therapy. In art therapy you might be asked by a therapist to don a smock and soften clay or paint something. Art seeking requires none of this. In art seeking you don’t get your physical hands dirty. There is so much art all around us that already exists-made by artists over the centuries including that made in recent years-that we simply can begin to avail ourselves of what may be the greatest untapped resource for psychological healing.

Seems like Art Seeking is akin to collage, either magazine or online photos…don’t you think?

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