Laser Tag

Using your computer, Laser Tag 2.0 software, a projector, a laser pointer and a web cam you can tag or draw on your walls impermanently (i.e. in your home or office).

Graffiti Research Lab discovered this, and developed the project so that using more complex tools you can actually temporarily draw on large outdoor structures, such as high rise buildings. With the software available through Graffiti Research Lab, you can create variations in color and also the way the “paint” reacts, such as, how much it will drip.

Check out the video posted bellow for an example. Also, here’s a link explaining how to pull off the large scale building painting project.

I was thinking, how much fun would it be to incorporate this within an art therapy group or individual session? Its similar to a Buddha Board but on a larger scale, and perhaps more palatable for contemporary urban youth clientele.

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