Abuse Survivor Blogs

As a therapist, I think it’s important to stay connected with the struggle our clients face when coming forward about past abuse, learning ways to manage symptoms and then maintaining the ability to cope in a healthier way. Here are 3 blogs written by survivors that I find candid, honest and insightful:

  • My Moster Has a Name, includes lots of self reflection, artwork and a useful feature that i’ll call a trigger star rating system. Be sure to take a look at the Gallery page with some artwork created using digital media such as Illustrator.

  • Mind Parts offers a male sexual abuse survivor’s perspective. Don’t forget to check out the highlights section.

  • Kate 1975 is an excellent resource for anyone interested suffering from PTSD, eating disorder issues, dissociative issues, etc. Be sure to check out her recent post listing Art Therapy and Creative Healing Projects.